Youth Empowerment and Discipleship Program.

Families on Edge Foundation (FOEF) is charitable organization born out of the desire to serve the suffering and vulnerable population. The Foundation’s headquarters are at Nakuru Town in Kenya.


General Objectives

The program aims at restoring social economic equilibrium of individuals, families, community and Nation at large through participatory action oriented and person centered education and public awareness. The program encompasses on training all the growth areas of an individual towards self actualization. F.O.E.F aims at creating a ripple effect towards other youths through the dynamic participatory program driven by the youths themselves. The end product expected is a refined community of well adjusted youths insulated from current emerging challenges.The target group will be expected to be initiators and workers of change processes amongst their own.

Specific Objectives

i. To equip the key stakeholders with relevant life adjustment skills towards social economic autonomy
ii. To build a network of full self awareness on individuals through dynamic educative approaches
iii. To eliminate hindrances of social economic progress by use of available technology foot soldiers’ and ‘peace corps’
iv. To contribute to community county level towards realization of vision 2030 of our country
v. To build an army of fully equipped response team to create awareness campaign in Nakuru county and the nation at large
vi. To assist place the youth both in formal and informal institutions to help the access education life skills guidance and counseling
vii. To mobilize resources locally and internationally
viii. To equip the youths with various attitude s and abilities for them to realize their fullest potential.


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Family Enrichment Program.

We help settle traumatized families and help them through troubled situations.

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With this program we educate the youth on effective means of protection against HIV & AIDS and to enable them to get rid of the stigma that comes with it.

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Children and Adolescence

As we all know experience is the best teacher, what we do is effectively introduce the young into their new self

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