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Families on Edge Foundation (FOEF) is charitable organization born out of the desire to serve the suffering and vulnerable population.

This is an initiative of Professional Psychological Counselors and other professionals with a basic philosophy of alleviating suffering of children, youth, adults, drugs and substances addicts, traumatized persons, school drop outs and related malfunctions within the family. FOEF utilises an educative approach to restore equilibrium of individuals, families, communities and the nation at large. Families On Edge Foundation advocates for participatory,action oriented and learner centered education and public awareness.


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Youth Empowerment and Discipleship Program.

The program aims at restoring social economic equilibrium of individuals, families, community

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With this program we educate the youth on effective means of protection against HIV & AIDS and to enable them to get rid of the stigma that comes with it.

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Children and Adolescence

As we all know experience is the best teacher, what we do is effectively introduce the young into their new self

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Family Enrichment Program.

We help settle traumatized families and help them through troubled situations.

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Addiction Counselling and Treatment

Drugs are known to be a major problem of the century and we try and offer counselling to addicts.

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Special Needs Program

special education program is dedicated to supporting the educational needs of students with disability to access, participate and achieve at school. Program specialisation is available in the following disability areas.


  • To equip parents with life and parenting skills across various development stages.
  • To restore the equilibrium of families towards functionality.
  • To equip youths with life skills and life adjustment skills towards socioeconomic autonomy.
  • To establish a resource centre with competent personnel and adequate resource to give therapeutic services to the drugs affected persons, HIV and AIDS related disturbances, grief stricken, traumatized individuals and families.
  • To institute a fully equipped disaster response team that will create disaster awareness and respond to disasters.

    To restore the dignity and self esteem of the disadvantaged and suffering individuals, families,
    and communities by providing education, counseling services, material, health and spiritual support
    through resource mobilization.

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