Children and Adolescence

As we all know experience is the best teacher, what we do is effectively introduce the young into their new self.


General Objectives

In the year 2007/2008, the country experienced a gruesome scenario of Post Election Violence.  The aftermath of the Skirmishes among other consequences was trauma, negligence and breakage of Families, acting out behavior among children and adolescents. The atrocities led to a cycle of revenge and avenge.  It is through the intervention of psychological professionals among them are Board Directors; Families on Edge Foundation that have taken the obligation to counsel the victims.  Families on Edge Foundation has also put in place alleviative and preventative approaches in this program which are     
 -) Education     
 -) Psychological counseling

Specific Objectives

● To equip youths with life skills and life adjustment skills towards social-economic.
● To empower the youth with various abilities and attitudes to realize their fullest potentials.
● Assist youth both in formal and informal institution to help them access education, skills,  guidance and counseling.
●  Decrease crime and juvenile delinquency.
●  Prevent addiction and substance abuse in youth.
●  Nurture the young generation and help them realize their potential that will enable them achieve their goals.
●  Bring up future dignified leaders


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Family Enrichment Program.

We help settle traumatized families and help them through troubled situations.

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Addiction Counselling and Treatment

Drugs are known to be a major problem of the century and we try and offer counselling to addicts.

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Special Needs Program

special education program is dedicated to supporting the educational needs of students with disability to access, participate and achieve at school. Program specialisation is available in the following disability areas.

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